1. Yatas
- Size of a pickup truck
- Long manes
- Can be black, white, gray, or brown. Spots possible.
- Are often ridden by Ruuians
- Intelligence level: 8/10
2. Farrols
- Black or white only; spots possible
- Round blue or yellow eyes
- Big triangular ears
- Sleeping upside down
- Intelligence level: 9/10
3. Blupers
- Usually blue
- Type of bird
- Can be taught to talk
- Intelligence level: 7/10
4. Hunons WILD
- Can be Sandy or Snowy
- Fur color depends on the environment
- Have long beaks
- And wings
- Intelligence level: 10/10
5. Lazuras
- Highly intelligent
- Size of a shire horse
- Used for transportation
- Able to talk
- Are allowed to be kept only if they want to.
- Intelligence level: 10/10

Red - A very aggressive animal, might even make a fuss out of such simple stuff as people passing by.
Maroon - A wild animal, might not be as aggressive, but it's still safer to stay away from their kind.
Blue - Usually wild, but may be tamed to become a nice pet.
Aqua - These animals will probably die on their own; they are to be used as pets only.
Lime - You may have those ones as pets, but you might need special permission, also these animals might even be prohibited as pets on certain planets.
Yellow - to be used by certain races ONLY. Others need special permission.